HAND IN HAND PROFESSIONAL CHILDCARE - Celebrating Childrens Achievements in a Caring Home Environment

Whilst this is not a complete menu, it gives an example of the meals which are offered:

  • BREAKFAST - cereal / toast, along with fresh fruit /yoghurt / fromage frais

  • LUNCH - Cottage Pie / Spaghetti Bolonese (spirals or tubes for ease of eating) / Macaroni Cheese, along with garlic bread / Home-made chicken soup / Casseroles / Birds Eye Fish Fingers

All meals are accompanied by suitable vegetables, etc.
Alternatively, sandwiches may be offered (Selection of Cold meats / Spreads / Cheese / Cucumber, etc) along with suitable accompaniments
Ice cream (various) / Fruit / Rice Pudding / Mousse / Fromage Frais
Snacks such as Fresh Fruit / vegetable sticks,  Biscuits (Rich Tea, Digestives, Bourbons, etc) / Cheese (various) and Crackers

Water is always available .  Juices (low-sugar cordial, real-fruit juice), Milkshakes, milk, etc are available at snack / meal times

Discussion with parents will take place with regard to special dietary/ allergy requirements (vegetarian / cultural / special needs, etc)
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