HAND IN HAND PROFESSIONAL CHILDCARE - Celebrating Childrens Achievements in a Caring Home Environment

I have a wide range of resources available to enhance  a child's Imaginative Play, Creative Play, and Physical Play. Each child's imagination is aided by numerous books for Story-time, or we visit the local library.  Children are also able to have Quiet Time.
Numerous items of Arts and Craft are available for those early Creations.
A small selection of resources are:  
  • Puzzle Books
  • 'Play Mais' - modelling pieces
  • Numerous Card Styles / stickers
  • Block Stamps, plus various coloured inks

Role Play is encouraged by:
  • Dinosaur Land
  • Various hand puppets
  • Numerous activity sets - Doctor / Joiner / Vet / Shop, etc
  • House activities - Ironing Board / Baby Bath / Cleaning Kit, etc

I encourage a child to use fine motor skills by providing:
  • Stacking Cups
  • Treasure Basket
  • Lacing Buttons / Beads 
  • 'Fun Blox' - a great way to learn about interconnecting shapes

Children are encouraged to construct by using:
  • Small Lego
  • 'Pop' people
  • Stickle Bricks
  • Large Building Bricks

Mental agility and puzzle solving is helped along with:
  • Abstraction / Colour Cubes
  • Numerous Jigsaw puzzles
  • Dominoes
  • 'Hedbanz'

Music / Exercise is encouraged by using:
  • Various percussion instruments
  • 'Beat Baby', and accessories
  • Childrens Yoga Video
Outdoor activities are encouraged by:
  • Outdoor play equipment 
  • Visits to local parks, and surrounding areas
The above list is not exhaustive, but aims to give an example of the activities available whilst your child is in my care.  Equipment can be seen at initial visit -
Please contact me by e-mail at jacqui_white1@yahoo.co.uk, or telephone 0790 181 191 9 / (0191) 422 4896 
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